Divi Toolbox Documentation

How it works?

Toolbox makes it easy to add powerful effects in Divi without writing a line of code!

Download the plugin

After you purchase the Divi Toolbox plugin, you’ll be able to download files via your account page. Simply log in to your account on Divi Lover or B3 Mulitmedia and navigate to the Downloads tab.

Install on your website

To install the Divi Toolbox plugin, navigate to your Dashboard ➞ Plugins ➞ Add New. Click on the Upload Plugin button and then Choose File. In the downloaded package, find and select the divi-toolbox.zip file, then click on the Install Now button. To complete the upload, you will need to activate the plugin by clicking on the Activate button.

Activate your license

To activate the plugin and get updates, please go to Settings ➞ Divi Toolbox Activation and enter your API Key. To see your API Keys, please log in to your account.

Choose the features you want to use

To see all the available tools, navigate to DiviDivi Toolbox. All the settings are grouped in seven main categories: Admin, Global, Header, Footer, Blog, Mobile, and Modules.

Customize everything!

Most of the Toolbox features, once enabled, will show up in the Toolbox Customizer. To edit everything further with the live preview, navigate to DiviTheme Customizer ➞ Divi Toolbox. You will still be using standard Divi customization options as Toolbox doesn’t override them – it simply adds everything that was missing!

Enjoy your awesome website!

Congratulations! You have created awesome, advanced effects without writing a line of code, without the help of tutorials, without spending hours in front of your screen, sighing and cursing. Now, have a well-deserved cup of coffee and enjoy your new website!

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Did you know?

You can create popups and effects like this one with Toolbox! It's so easy!

Ahhh yes!

You officially know the power of the irresistible 3D Button :D

You can easily design Popups like this one using Toolbox and Divi Builder!

Did you know?

Do you like this landing page? Does it look pretty advanced? Well, guess what! We didn’t use even a tiny bit of custom CSS or JavaScript to build it. All the awesome effects have been created using the Divi Toolbox!


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