Mobile Menu Breakpoint

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Mobile Menu Breakpoint   We’re sure you’ve come across this issue: sometimes, if you have complex navigation with a lot of items, and the screen size is small, menu items overlap the second line, and logo get’s bigger....

Mobile Menu Style (basic)

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Enable Custom Mobile Menu Style   Enable this option to add a new customization panel called Mobile in the Toolbox Customizer with the following subsections: Mobile Menu Bar, Hamburger Icon, Mobile Search, Mobile Menu, Mobile Menu Links....

Mobile Menu Style (extended)

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Enable Custom Mobile Menu Style ➜ Use a separate mobile menu with more styling options To unlock all extended customization options for the mobile menu enable the “Use a separate mobile menu with more styling options” option. Assign...

Change Logo on Mobile

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Change Logo on Mobile   You can enable this option if you’d like to display a different logo image for the mobile view. The image upload input appears once the option is enabled. Simply choose the image which you want to appear on...

Hamburger Icon Style and Animation

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Enable Custom Hamburger Icon   You can choose one of nine different types of hamburger icon animation:     Toolbox Customizer ➜ Mobile ➜ Hamburger Icon Once enabled, you’ll be able to customize the appearance of the...

Collapse Nested Submenu

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Collapse Nested Submenu   This is what happens when this setting is enabled: second-level menu items are hidden on mobile; an arrow icon is added to the parent element; once clicked, it shows the submenu; the parent element is still a...

Mobile CSS Classes

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Useful CSS Classes   The Divi Toolbox adds CSS snippets which will allow you to modify some elements on mobile. The custom CSS classes can be added to any element (section, row, column, or module) – and if the class is specific to an...

Custom Mobile Column Count

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Change Mobile Column Count   The Divi Toolbox adds an option to use custom CSS classes to change the number of columns for Tablets and Phones. How to use it: Add one (or two) of these classes to Row Settings: tablet-two-cols – to...

Parallax Background on Mobile

Divi Toolbox ➜ Mobile ➜ Enable Parallax Background Effect on Mobile   The Divi Toolbox adds the option to enable the parallax background effect when viewed on mobile device. How to use it: Navigate to Section, Row or Module Setting ➜ Advanced tab ➜ CSS ID &...

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