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Ania is at it again with an amazing plugin for your Divi arsenal! With Divi Toolbox, you have the ability to customize the most important features in Divi without the headache of trying to custom code everything with CSS and PHP. Area’s like the Divi header, footer, blog layouts, post pages and other global site settings are seamlessly customized right in the Theme Customizer. It’s intuitive, easy to set up, easy to use and you can see your changes live which makes it a fun, interactive experience. If you don’t want to have to custom code, this plugin is a must! And even for advanced coders, this plugin will save you hours when designing custom websites in Divi.
Josh Hall


Ania has accustomed us to amazing products with her child themes, this time she delivers the same quality in the form of a plugin. Divi Toolbox is an easy to use plugin that adds many different functions to a variety of the Divi native features, that will be appreciated both by beginners, and also intermediate users, who wish to save time and also add multiple design elements to their site; set the h1-h6 settings, different blog page layouts, fun css & jQuery interactions, parallax elements, etc. The great thing is that many features will continuously be added. I highly recommend this plugin to any Divi user for its simplicity and efficiency.
Jonathan Doyle

In Transit Studios

As someone who has zero time for looking for tutorials and learning CSS, I was thrilled when Ania announced her Divi Toolbox! When I first used it, I was amazed at how easy an intuitive it was. Every feature comes with a short explanation, and customizing elements which used to give me headaches is now a breeze. I had a lot of fun using it and discovering all the new possibilities!
Edyta Gaida


Ania has been inspirational with her advice, knowledge sharing and tips and she brings this all together along with many other CSS and style customizations in a beautiful interface within the Divi backend and the Theme customizer. So many options that really help your Divi site stand out and all without a single line of code. Divi Toolbox will be core to all my projects. Thanks for your work Ania!
Mark Cunningham

An excellent tool that fixes many little issues or shortfalls that I used to adjust manually in CSS. I especially like the option that allows styling of all headers in one go. My favourite feature though is text center alignment for mobile devices. I can finally start utilising justified text on a desktop without manually correcting it on mobile on every single module. I also appreciate simple yet powerful menu styling, custom popups and SVG uploader functions, among many others. Divi Toolbox is a clever replacement for multiple other plugins, essential to speed up development of every Divi website.
Aleksandra Hawro


Divi Toolbox has saved me hours in Google searching for CSS, JS and PHP. You need to have this plugin in your projects. It is like having 10 different plugins in a single one, some of its functions include: preloader, heading customizations, particle background (a lot of JS and CSS in just one click), custom 404 page, sticky and custom footer and so much more! So, if you want to make a good decision, you need to have this awesome plugin.
Carlos Tum

Grupo Digit

The first time I used Ania’s plugin “Divi Toolbox” I knew I would be adding it to every site I built as it made my workflow so much faster. The plugin itself is simple and intuitive to use, and it has loads of useful features that make each site unique in no time at all. Thanks, Ania for taking some of the work out web development.
Olga Summerhayes

Infinite Imagination

Streamlined, intuitive, powerful… Beautiful UI, awesome experience! I really have to mention that I could save several plugins by using Divi Toolbox alone. I won’t mention names, but you have to check the plugin functionalities for customization on Header, Logo, menu, mobile / breakpoint, footer, blog, modules, layouts on dynamic pages: search, archive, single post, etc. It is impossible to put all the features together in a few lines. I’m in love with this plugin. I mean it! One of the most useful tools for Divi! Thanks, Ania! Outstanding Job!
Elisandro Borges

Divi Lighthouse

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