Follow-The-Mouse Gallery and Portfolio

Divi Toolbox ➜ Modules ➜ Follow-The-Mouse Hover Effect   This set of options adds a direction-aware overlay hover effect to the Portfolio and Gallery modules. No CSS class is required as this feature will apply to all Gallery, Fullwidth Portfolio, and Filterable...

Slim Inline Email Optin

Divi Toolbox ➜ Modules ➜ Slim Inline Email Optin   To change the default Email Optin module into a slim version, navigate to the module’s Settings → Advanced tab → CSS ID & Classes → CSS Class, and add one of the following CSS classes: slim-optin1...

Secondary Buttons

Toolbox Customizer ➜ Modules ➜ Buttons   The following options are enabled by default in the Toolbox Customizer: Button font weight Button hover style (Default, Grow, Shrink, Move Up, Move Down, Wobble, Heartbeat, Jello, Pulse)   Divi...

Useful Module Tweaks

Divi Toolbox ➜ Modules ➜ Useful Tweaks   There are some annoying default settings in some of the Divi modules, so we’ve added an option to tweak the modules listed below. All you need to do is enable the option, there’s no need to add a custom CSS...

Use custom map marker

Divi Toolbox ➜ Modules ➜ Use custom map marker   Divi Toolbox adds an option to upload your custom image as map marker, which will be used in all Map and Fullwidth Map modules across the site. Please note: Your custom image should be the same size, as Divi‘s...

Global CSS Classes

Divi Toolbox ➜ Modules ➜ Useful Tweaks   Divi Toolbox adds CSS snippets which will allow you to easily modify some elements. These custom CSS classes can be added to any element (section, row, column, or module) – if a class is specific to an element it...

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