Divi Layouts Shortcode

Divi Toolbox ➜ Admin ➜ Divi Layouts Shortcode This option enables the possibility to display any layout from the Divi Library as a shortcode. You can display modules inside other modules, widgets, etc. How to use the Shortcodes? 1. Save any Module, Row or Section in...

Custom Login Page

Toolbox Customizer ➜ Global ➜ Login Page   When you enable the Login Page Customization option on the Toolbox settings page, a new set of customizer options will appear in the Global section of the Theme Customizer, which will allow you to edit the default WP...

Rename Projects Post Type

Divi Toolbox ➜ Admin ➜ Rename Projects   This option allows you to rename the Project post type in the Dashboard view and also change the projects slug in the URL. You can assign a custom dashboard icon to the new post type. Edit Projects Name Once enabled,...

Hide Projects Post Type

Divi Toolbox ➜ Admin ➜ Hide Projects   If you are not using the Project post type on your or your client’s website, you can hide it using the Divi Toolbox. Maybe your clients get confused about what Projects are, or maybe you just like to keep the Dashboard...

Allow All Font Files Uploads

Divi Toolbox ➜ Global ➜ Allow All Font Files Uploads   In some cases, when trying to use the Divi Builder functionality to upload a custom font, you may encounter the “Sorry, this file is not permitted for security reasons” error message. By enabling...

Add WOFF and WOFF2 Uploads in the Divi Builder

Divi Toolbox ➜ Global ➜ Add WOFF and WOFF2 Uploads in the Divi Builder Divi Builder has the functionality to upload a custom font, but it only allows TTF and OTF font file uploads by default. By enabling this option you add support for WOFF and WOFF2 font files....

Text Styling Toolbar Sticky

Divi Toolbox ➜ Global ➜ Make Text Styling Toolbar Sticky Once enabled, the text styling toolbar in every Content setting in the Builder will remain sticky. If you have a longer text, the toolbar will stay visible on top as you scroll down and work on the...

Allow SVG File Type Uploads

Divi Toolbox ➜ Global ➜ Allow SVG File Type Uploads   By default, WordPress prevents adding SVG files because of potential risks to security. A SVG file may have malignant JavaScript code embedded, which is a risk if you upload SVG files from unreliable sources....

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