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Toolbox Customizer Global ➜ Headings & Fonts

This option has been deprecated. It is recommended to use the Divi Builder modules’ Global Defaults option to style the headings.

You have the option to edit body font weight using the Toolbox Customizer. This feature is enabled by default when Toolbox is activated.

When you enable the Global Heading Style option on the Toolbox settings page – a new set of customizer options will appear in this section of the Theme Customizer, and they will allow you to edit your headings globally.

The following set of options is included for each heading type (H1 – H6):

  • font family
  • font weight
  • letter spacing
  • line height
  • text transformation (none, uppercase, capitalize, or lowercase)
  • heading color

You can override each style for a single heading using Divi Builder module settings.

To change global heading font sizes, use Divi’s built-in options.
You can change H1 heading size in the Theme Customizer ➞ General Settings ➞ Typography. Other headings will be sized accordingly. To change the sizes for smaller screen sizes, navigate to Theme Customizer ➞ Mobile Styles ➞ Tablet and Phone.

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