Mobile Menu Style (basic)

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Divi Toolbox  Mobile  Enable Custom Mobile Menu Style


Enable this option to add a new customization panel called Mobile in the Toolbox Customizer with the following subsections: Mobile Menu Bar, Hamburger Icon, Mobile Search, Mobile Menu, Mobile Menu Links.

Plase note:

Below, you’ll find the list of all available controls, but if you’d like to have even more control over the style of your mobile menu – check the Separate Mobile Menu Style with extended styling options.


Toolbox Customizer  Mobile


Here’s the list of all the settings you can easily change:


Mobile Menu Bar
  • Hide top bar (phone & email)
  • Enable fixed mobile bar
  • Make menu bar fullwidth
  • Menu bar height (px)
  • Logo height (%)
  • Add menu bar box shadow
  • Shadow color, shadow offset-y, blur
  • Menu bar background color
Hamburger Icon
  • Icon color when menu closed
  • Icon color closed on hover
  • Icon color when menu opened
  • Icon color opened on hover
  • Hamburger icon size (Default, Large)
Mobile Search
  • Hide search icon on mobile
  • Search icon color
  • Search icon color on hover
  • Close search icon color
  • Close search icon color hover
  • Search and Close search icon size (Default, Large)
  • Search input field text color
Mobile Menu
  • Make mobile menu fullwidth
  • Mobile menu animation (Slide Down, Slide In from Right)
  • Dim background when open
  • Background color
  • Add box shadow
  • Shadow color, offset-y, offset-x, blur
  • Mobile menu background color
Mobile Menu Links
  • Link font family
  • Link font weight
  • Link font size
  • Link letter spacing
  • Link text transform (uppercase, lowercase, capitalize)
  • Link padding
  • Link color
  • Link bottom border color
  • Parent link background color
  • Link background color on hover
  • Link color on hover
CTA Menu Link
  • CTA item font family
  • CTA item font weight
  • CTA item font size
  • CTA item letter spacing
  • CTA item text transform (uppercase, lowercase, capitalize)
  • CTA item padding
  • CTA item color
  • CTA item background
  • CTA item hover color
  • CTA item hover background color


Plase note:

These effects apply to the default Divi navigation. If you are using a custom Theme Builder Header and you’d like to use the same mobile menu styles on Menu or Fullwidth Menu module – navigate to module Settings ➜ Advanced tab ➜ CSS ID & Classes ➜ CSS Class and add a custom class of: dtb-menu

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